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(4-5 yr olds)



Mini Kicks children are confident with boundless energy and this is catered for in the lesson plans. Our games are fast paced and football focused, with fun at the heart, meaning that new starters easily pick them up. Children begin to understand the importance of team play and matches are gradually introduced.

Key Features:

- Children play independently of their parent/guardian
- 50-minute session
- Weekly sessions
- Group size up to 12 children (max)

Play, Practice & Understanding

Mini Kicks classes incorporate our rounded learning approach of play, practice and understanding. Play is the motivator and promotes continued and repeated practice.

This disguised learning is a powerful tool, forming the basis of our curriculum.  Each stage of our program promotes a different development focus – the interplay
between physical, cognitive, emotional, psychological and social variables. 

Mini Kicks Development Focus
1) Social
2) Physical
3) Psychological/Technical
4) Technical/Psychological



Mini Kicks teaches the fundamentals of football in a fun learning environment through a series of games using our tried and tested structure. The stages of development below outline our expectations for this age group:

Stages of Development


  • Good peer interaction and participation in sessions.

  • Develops a strong sense of identity within the group.

  • Understands basic concepts of team play.

  • Awareness of surroundings improves.



  • Emphasis on development of  ABC (agility, balance, co-ordination) skills.

  • Children are aware of themselves in the environment.

  • Children demonstrate understanding of control and can exercise control in their movements.



  • Actively involved in creative play.

  • Confident to play, think and visually assess during a game situation.

  • Basic ability to travel with the ball where they choose and how they choose.


  • Able to keep the ball relatively close to the body while moving.

  • Develops good directional dribbling skills and strong striking skills.

  • Can stop a slow moving ball.

  • Can start to volley / half volley.

  • Will be able to hold the stop position and move the ball with their sole.


Things start to get very exciting at the Mini Kicks age group. This is where skills learnt are transferred into team play and basic football matches.

8486289_orig b&w.jpg

session timings


What Can My Child Expect?
The very best possible introduction into football


When Will We Play?
Mondays  5.00-5.50pm


Where Will We Play?
Kingsway Sports Centre, Turf Hill Road, Rochdale, OL16 4XA

What Does It Cost?

Our Mini Kicks classes are limited to 12 children & are expected to

fill quickly. Admission can only be guaranteed to members who have committed a four week program at a cost of £20*

(*Refundable if not wishing to continue after a first session)

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