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(5-6 yr olds)

(Year 1)


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Festivals of Football are a celebration of our values of inclusion, enjoyment, creativity and learning. We will deliver:

  • A program promoting children's football for children, guaranteeing a positive experience for all - helping in the development of creative, confident, skilful footballers, enhancing joy through play without pressure.

  • An approach that is flexible and relies upon the use of common sense to emphasise children’s enjoyment, fun and engagement more than the outcomes of winning and defeating opponents

  • A platform that grows a positive environment in which parental involvement and support from those who believe in the same values is encouraged.



© First Kicks 2021

No coaching, no instruction, no substitutes, no fixed goalkeepers

- Just a perfect environment for young children to thrive in!


Bunching is a constant feature in young children's football . This results from the players inability to maintain their shape. The distance and angles between the players is lost and, as a team, they are not able to work together efficiently.


Since three players make the smallest shape, a triangle, 3v3 games are an excellent way to introduce this concept as the children continue to learn

& solve problems by themselves.


There are still lots of 1v1 opportunities and the basic lessons from 2v2 can be expanded and built on.


3v3 also guarantees that there is open space somewhere on the field.

Let’s Make Sure ‘Play’ Does Not Become the Next 4-Letter Word.

 Pete Sturgess - National Lead Foundation Phase (5-11) - The FA



        HOW IT WORKS

  • Each team will have three players, with no substitutes -  Maximum playing time for all children

  • Games for the Midi Kicks group will take place on Saturday afternoons (2-3pm)

  • Our venue address is: Kingsway Sports Centre, Turf Hill Rd, Rochdale, OL16 4XA.

  • All children will play 3 x 12 minute games, with 5 min breaks in between.

  • The teams will be chosen by First Kicks staff

  • Children will rotate teams over the course of the hour  mixing between other members of the group.

  • There will be no team kits. Bibs will be available.

  • There is no commitment. We will run the festivals on a weekly basis.

  • For non First Kicks trainers, a simple online registration & payment process is available

  • It's that simple! - Just relax & prepare for FUN!


Our Ethos

First Kicks passionately believe in small-sided games (SSGs) to teach skills and develop creative, confident players and children.

To complement our individually focused coaching sessions we also provide children with the opportunity to learn through play at our weekly "Festival of Football" games program.

Session Timing

Saturday afternoons (2-3pm) Kingsway Sports Centre, Turf Hill Rd, Rochdale, OL16 4XA.

Our Focus

No coaching, no instruction, no substitutes, no fixed goalkeepers. Just a perfect environment for young children to thrive in!

The Midi Kicks Curriculum
Formats of the game that are proven to accelerate development:


Above all else we promote FUN!


Weekly festivals open to all - Pay as you Play

£3.50 Members, £5.00 - Non Members

(No substitiutes policy - 100% game time guaranteed)



It's exactly what you said it would be

- no coaching, no subs,

small goals, lots of fun.

Kids Playing Soccer

No pressure put on them,

no shouting.

We found it fast and fun!

Young Soccer Players

The games were well organised,

with children in charge of the game.

It was a joy to see the

children's enthusiasm.

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