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(5-6 yr olds)

(Year 1)


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Midi Kicks brings together all previous skills learnt and introduces them into real football matches. Children continue to develop the social and cognitive skills as well as honing their football skills, putting them to use at the end of each session during a 20 minute match. There is a focus on fair play, as well as a focus on knowledge, understanding and practical application of the rules of play.

Key Features:

- Children play independently of their parent/guardian
- 55-minute sessions
- Weekly sessions
- Group size up to 14 children (max)

Progessive challenges & matches

More touches on the ball lead to faster and greater skill gain. Every child has their own ball throughout the session and our games are specifically designed for maximum touches of the ball. The games are progressively challenging enabling new skills to be learnt each session, however children are able to work within their ability. Children become more competitive at this age and are taught to challenge themselves and one another. The match becomes the climax of the session and is the perfect outlet for channeling children’s competitive energy as well as transferring their skills into a match situation.

MiDi Kicks Development Focus
1) Social
2) Technical
3) Physical
4) Psychological



Midi Kicks teaches the fundamentals of football in a fun learning environment through a series of games using our tried and tested structure. The stages of development below outline our expectations for this age group:

Stages of Development


  • Can play any game with good attention and awareness skills.

  • Develops an understanding of the importance of team play.

  • Strong sense of place and identity within the session.



  • Develops an understanding of positional play in real match scenarios.

  • Can dribble evasively with good close control.

  • Has basic mastery of the ball with ability to take it/kick it in any direction with relative accuracy.

  • Understands how to kick with different parts of the foot and the resulting movement of the ball.



  • There is a focus on awareness that it is not winning or losing that is the most important thing but

           making an effort, playing fair and learning from the experience.

  • Learns and understands the basic rules of a match.

  • Begins to understand the importance of individual positions within the team.


  • Improved ability for the body to respond to certain physical movements and activities.

  • Children develop an understanding of what their bodies are capable of and how additional effort

           can enhance performance.

Midi Kicks aims to be challenging. Children are able to transfer their football skills into a real match environment. Children are also taught valuable life lessons such as fair play, teamwork and the importance of hard work.

session timings


What Can My Child Expect?
The very best possible introduction into football


When Will We Play?
Tuesdays 5.00 - 5.55pm & Wednesdays 5.00 - 5.55pm


Where Will We Play?
Kingsway Sports Centre, Turf Hill Road, Rochdale, OL16 4XA

What Does It Cost?

Our Midi Kicks classes are limited to 14 children & are expected to

fill quickly.  Admission can only be guaranteed to members who have committed to a four week program at a cost of £20*

(*Refundable if not wishing to continue after a first session)

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