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The launch of First Kicks is the latest provision offered by its founding members, who have been buidling successful grassroots football frameworks since 2010.


Following on from a very successful 12 month pilot program, we are excited to offer something that is unique in the area of 4-7 yr old child/player development. The very best age appropriate coaching programs alongside a 2v2, 3v3 & 4v4 games schedule.

Football is our passion, which we use to bring together a whole host of life skills for children starting out in the game.


In these very early years, there are many more important areas to prioritise - Having fun through playing sport, developing motor skills, building social skills & self confidence.

From our beginnings, we set about establishing a child centred environment through various platforms. However big or small the platform, the aim has always been very  simple - To involve and engage children in football within a modern, welcoming, age appropriate environment based on friendship, respect, sportsmanship, team work, confidence and goal achievement. An environment that  develops children as players, but more importantly as young people. 

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First Kicks have adopted a very simple slogan - "Let's Play", which expresses a simple belief that in order for the next generation to grow up healthy, balanced and able to benefit from their involvement in football, we must let children play, without fear. They must be free to enjoy, learn, practice and develop their football skills without having to contend with the burden of  expectation, attention and scrutiny of significant others.

Fear is everywhere in football in this country, fear of losing, fear of change, fear that the next coach knows more than you and the fear of giving control on the pitch to the kids. That needs to change.

Our aim is put in place the framework for a child to follow their dreams, whatever they may be. In doing so, we hope to play a part in helping  to create a generation of footballers who play with creativity and without fear, who solve their own problems on the pitch, and who love the game.


First Kicks is aimed specifically at the area that needs the very best introduction to the game, if it is to ignite a passion that will last for a lifetime. We hope to attract children into the "competitive" football arena from the age of 6 years old.  However, a child may prefer just to enjoy recreational sessions only, which is absolutely fine!

If a child does want to continue onto the next football level, we can provide them with a real and meaningful opportunity to do so, within our associated award winning

FA Charter Standard Club. Through close links with other grassroots clubs, we can also help advise of suitable clubs within a close proximity of your location.


Kingsway Park Sports Centre

Turf Hill Road


OL16 4XA

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