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(6-7 yr olds)

(Year 2)


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Mighty Kicks begins to look in more focus at the dynamic interplay between the coaching variables. A small amount of tactical information will now be introduced, however is still behind social, technical, physical & psychological learning objectives at this stage. The environment is determined by the development characteristics of the players and modifications can be made to suit the levels of player engagement & performance. At this stage we look to introduce children to club football, prioritising fun & individual player development along the way.

Key Features:

- Children play independently of their parent/guardian
- 60-minute sessions
- Weekly sessions (option of twice weekly)
- Gro
up size up to 16 children (max)


Mighty Kicks children will be confident & competent in the areas of dribbling, turns, running with the ball, shooting & 1v1 situations. Passing & receiving will slowly be introduced as a theme as a child moves through this stage. For aspiring goalkeepers, we offer goalkeeper specific coaching with an expert coach. 

MiGHTY Kicks Development Focus
1) Social / Technical
2) Technical / Social
3) Physical
4) Psychological

5) Technical



Mighty Kicks teaches the fundamentals of football in a fun learning environment through a series of games using our tried and tested structure. The stages of development below outline our expectations for this age group:

Stages of Development


  • Basic understanding of coach, player, parent relationship & interaction.

  • Development of self-concept.

  • A basic understanding of team cohesion.



  • Increased skill acquisition.

  • Good level of ball mastery for developmental stage.

  • Beginning to understand the importance of teamwork.



  • Developing in confidence.

  • Increased concentration levels.

  • Competes well in pressurised (1v1) situations.


  • Increased speed & agility

  • Increased reaction skills

  • Increased movement skills


  • Basic understanding of defending & attacking principles

  • Basic understanding of movement on & off the ball

Mighty Kicks aims to prepare children for a transition into a club environment. Fundamental movement & ball mastery skills are still emphasisied. We encourage children to take up a wide variety of sports. This way, children will start to demonstrate a strong sense of fairness, which is reinforced through our program with introduction to simple rules & ethics of the game. Simple tactics are introduced (basic defending & attacking principles). The beginning of independence from family begins in line with such events as starting school. Friendships begin to come to the fore - Physical, social & mental skills begin to rapidly develop & it's a critical time for a child to develop confidence. Mighty Kicks aims to  play a big part in these very important early developmental years.

session timings


What Can My Child Expect?
The very best possible introduction into football


When Will We Play?
Wednesdays  5.00-6.00pm


Where Will We Play?
Kingsway Sports Centre, Turf Hill Road, Rochdale, OL16 4XA

What Does It Cost?

Our Mighty Kicks classes are limited to 16 children & are expected to

fill quickly. Admission can only be guaranteed to members who have committed to a four week program at a cost of £20*

(*Refundable if not wishing to continue after a first session)

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